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Labor - Employment Law
Employment law: individual and collective relations
Social Security law

LEXT advises and assists its French and international clients, including in the following issues:

Negotiation, implementation and termination of employment contracts

  • Drafting of all sorts of employment contracts and of employee placement agreements
  • Managing the implementation t of employment contracts
  • Relations to health and safety inspections and occupational medicine
  • Assistance in disciplinary procedures and breaches of employment contracts


  • Negotiations relating to the termination of employment contracts
  • Departure negotiations
  • Drafting of settlement agreements

Collective relations

  • Assistance regarding the organization of professional elections
  • Daily management of relations with employee representatives
  • Assistance in the implementation of transfer of business
  • Legal audits
  • Drafting of rules of procedure, charters, company-wide agreements and legal assistance to ensure compliance with this legal documentation

Social welfare

  • Relations with the administrative body responsible for collecting social security payments (Urssaf in French), linked to working conditions
  • Legal assistance concerning Urssaf inspections
  • Relations with social protection bodies and Pôle Emploi - the French national service in charge of unemployment matters


  • Employment-related legal disputes concerning the drafting, implementation and termination of employment contracts
  • Collective litigation linked to employee representatives
  • Litigation relating to the social security law rules


Our firm - LEXT - provides its skills for clients active in various industries and economic sectors. This has allowed LEXT to acquire and develop a professional expertise in the relevant fields, such as:

Agro-food industry, food distribution, pharmaceutical industries, engineering and counseling, production of building materials, digital communications, optics, fast-foods, finances, music industry, airlines, day-care for children.